Dr Phillip Reginald The Criminal.

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Due To The Lack Of Care And Negligence By Europ Assistance/Aria Assistance Insurance Company I Could Not Swell Anymore Within The Brain And I Had Started To Balloon Out!


A woman (me) who attended Wexham Park Hospital In Slough in summer 2005, suffered permanent catastrophic arterial brain damage with a host of disabilities, acquired a deadly epilepsy, and was left living with a death sentence after a doctor meant to carry out a surgical hysterectomy, placed her on long-term, high dose hormone therapy instead.

The patient went on to suffer a series of mini strokes throughout late 2005 and early in 2006 that doctors ignored and then in May 2006 whilst on holiday at Hisaronu in Turkey suffered three near fatal subarachnoid brain haemorrhages from dissected and ruptured brain arteries, as a direct result of the illegal hormone medication prescribed and the incompetent failings in care.

Unknown to the patient, this was a “secret backdoor” clinical trial treatment and she was entered without her knowledge or consent, by Dr Phillip Reginald.

A random guinea pig just plucked from his patient list.

At no stage did Dr Reginald tell the patient this was a clinical trial that had not been registered on any trial database or approved by the hospital and nor did he warn the patient, of stroke and cardiovascular problems being a risk at the dosage he prescribed and which the patient went on to suffer.

Although as a doctor, he would have been fully knowledgeable and aware of the serious and life threatening risks his crime carried ~ he chose to go ahead and commit the crime for financial gain, ignoring the health and safety of the unaware patient.

The dosing was so high, that when the patient went to collect the Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (MPA…not widely used due to adverse effects) prescription, the pharmacist refused to issue it without phone verification from Dr Reginald, because they thought he had made a mistake.

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Dr Phillip Reginald The Criminal ~ © Image Copyright With Original Owner

A catalogue of “Typical NHS Errors And Shoddy Care” followed and this meant the warning mini strokes and adverse effects whilst on the treatment for 9 months went undetected by doctors and the patient suffered the three preventable Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhages and further life threatening health complications from the near fatal events of 2006, ever since.

Her life and future changed overnight and forever aged just 36, due to Dr Phillip Reginalds selfish and despicable crimes.

No action was ever taken against this doctor for his crimes or the horrific GBH With Intent the patient suffered due to his crimes, negligent actions and breaches of duty because of deliberate state cover ups, fraud and corruption and the patient being abused and prevented access to legal support, to pursue the case.

Thus the terminally ill patient has been left fitting, stroking and haemorrhaging needing 24/7 standby care (not nursing care) alone and with no care or support since leaving hospital in June 2006.

Other than around 5 hours a week the patient could afford to pay out of Disability Living Allowance for 11 years ~ all because of the unforgivable crimes of a doctor and the refusal to pay the damages and compensation legally owed to ANY patient harmed in a clinical trial and which should have been paid immediately in 2006, so all incurred costs and losses related to the GBH sustained were covered.

This is a legal obligation as set out in the Declaration of Helsinki The fact the patient was entered into the trial without her knowledge or consent and without knowledge of the life threatening adverse effects that occurred is just horrifying.

Wexham Park Hospital and Dr Phillip Reginald should feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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Wexham Park Hospital ~ One of the worst failing hospitals in the United Kingdom. EXPOSED BY ME REPEATEDLY BETWEEN 2009 AND 2013…NOT THE DAILY FAIL AS THEY LIKE TO CLAIM. They And Their Stroke Association Buddies Just Used All The Information Off My FaceBook Page And Old Website/Blogs. Lazy journalists and cash leeches do it all the time. It’s Like A Hobby. © Image Copyright With Original Owner.

So, not only did Dr Reginald commit serious crimes (voiding his doctors insurance as it does not cover criminals working in hospitals only honest doctors doing the correct job) with the “secret” clinical overdose/assault that resulted in serious GBH, consisting of catastrophic brain injuries, temporary 2/3 month sight loss and permanent visual damage, a host of disabilities, bodily damage, death sentence from leaking unrepairable brain artery and possibly cervical cancer too ~ he then failed to address his crimes and redress the damage he caused and along with many other officials countless further crimes were carried out, including serious fraud and corruption along with abuse to cover the first crime of 2005/2006.

Resulting in further patient harm and worsening of health.

The snowball effect.

A snowball effect that has led to “paid” state organised rape, paedophilia, kidnap, torture, abuse, harassment, ID theft, medical negligence fraud and conspiracy to murder.

The events are so horrific they cannot be included on this blog, in order for it to stay viewable by all ages and stroke patient friendly ~ which is the aim of this site.

Over 18’s and those who wish to read about the crimes can view them on MY OTHER BLOG HERE

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The Crimes Corrupt State Officials, Organisations, Charities And Individuals Have Carried Out In Order To Try And Bury This Case And Profit Financially Through The Crimes Is Beyond Any Rational Persons Thinking. © Image Copyright With Original Owner.

Any doctor who commits crime for any reason, let alone financial gain and causes such devastating brain/bodily injuries and damage in the process, needs removing from the register of practising doctors for the safety of patients and prosecuted for the crimes committed.

Some would say Dr Phillip Reginald of Wexham Park Hospital in Slough has escaped lightly, being called “just” a criminal ~ after all, he was almost a dishonest, corrupt, money grabbing murderer.

The patient ONLY survived his crimes suffering multiple brain haemorrhages, multiple strokes, countless fits and injuries, haemorrhaging over floors possibly developing cancer, suffocating with hypoxia for 6 years since 2006 with NO oxygen (the most basic thing needed for human survival), and almost ZERO care from ANYONE between 2005/2017 since the brain/bodily injuries took place in the “secret illegal clinical trial”, through luck and a will to survive ~ nothing else.


Whilst the previously healthy but now brain-damaged (front temporal lobe, left temporal lobe, anterior temporal lobe and right temporal lobe) patient was left suffocating with no oxygen, haemorrhaging over floors and suffering strokes, fits, TIA’s alone in her home from 2006/2017 the General Medical Council did nothing and took no action against this doctor.

They not only failed to take action against the doctor concerned for leaving a previously healthy woman with catastrophic arterial brain injuries, disabilities and death sentence, they then deliberately allowed the system to abuse and harm the terminally ill patient further.

As did The Care Quality Commission and the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman.

So effectively, a healthy 36-year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her can walk into an NHS hospital for a simple operation that is not carried out, be a victim of NHS crime and be left permanently brain-damaged, disabled and terminally ill through the crimes, despite no change to physical appearance and it is acceptable and condoned by the state.

Thus meaning, the only way a patient can guarantee their safety, is to not enter any NHS facility in the first place ~ because the regulators who are supposedly meant to protect patients from harm, actually protect the doctors who have harmed instead.

This is a very scary thought and one the public should be fully aware of.


Failing Quangos Image

Our Health Regulators Protect Doctors Like Dr Phillip Reginald Who Commit Crimes Of Greed ~ When They Are Meant To Be Protecting Patients From Harm. © Nicola Jenkins.

Wexham Park Hospital in Slough Refused To Release Any Clinical Data In Respect Of This Crime because they have engaged in fraud, corruption and abuse of the highest levels ever known, trying to bury this case and have deliberately, further worsened the patients health unnecessarily.

They have also quite probably between themselves, the regulators and various other libellous corrupt state officials now left the patient with unnecessary and untreatable cervical cancer in further efforts to bury the case, for their own financial gain and self preservation.

This was not the first time this hospital gynaecology unit had overdosed a woman on hormone therapy and sadly This Lady did not recover from hers and very lenient and minimal action was taken against the doctors responsible for her hastened and unnecessary death.

Certainly no deterrent to not do it again ~ because the very same unit went ahead and did the very same again TO ME.

Luckily not resulting in death this time but still caused catastrophic brain injuries, serious patient harm, unnecessary health issues, permanent disabilities, a death sentence from the leaking brain artery and possibly unnecessary cervical cancer too.

This failing hospital now have a free rein from health regulators and the state to continue carrying out horrific crimes like this, as doctors are not prosecuted for criminal behaviour but protected.

Therefore the UK’s health regulators aid and abet crime…and the great British public pick up the tab for it.


Guinea Pig Image

The Day I Found Out Dr Phillip Reginald Had Used Me As A Medical Guinea Pig ~ 9th June 2011.


© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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