The Motability Charity.

Never, never again would I use this charity and I absolutely cannot recommend this charity to anyone, let alone ill and disabled people.

They have been caught out committing the most disgusting fraud crimes against me, a terminally ill disabled woman.

The ID theft, fraud and deception that took place with this so-called “charity” using my details is unbelievable.

Charlie Maltman of Bath Rd Citroen in Slough, the perpetrator of the fraud and other money laundering crimes should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

As should all the others involved.

In November 2011 after being off-road for almost an entire 5 year period due to my brain haemorrhages and the following strokes and fits I decided it was time to try driving again.

We knew there would be problems due to my disabilities and were ready for those problems but never expected the trouble and stress of ID theft, fraud and deception from a charity.

I’d have been better off saving and repairing all the damage Thames Valley Housing Association tenants have done to my old car to use for myself.

Had things worked out OK with the rented Motability car, I was donating my old one to charity as the car holds sentimental value and I wanted someone to get good use of it.

Luckily I became aware of the Motability and Nationwide Building Society fraud (and the Asian con woman, S. Gill, changing my dogs ID chip at Family Friends Vets for when they had said I’d moved elsewhere but knew full well I was locked in my home in Slough SL1 5UT) and kept it.

If I hadn’t, I would now be totally carless due to the Motability Charity, Nationwide Building Society and Court Fraudsters who carried out the judicial fraud, ID theft and other fraud crimes.

I decided to hire a Citroen car from Motability and the monthly rental payments would be taken out of my monthly DLA. payment.

I dealt with Charlie Maltman at Bath Road Citroen and ordered a black DS3 Sport 1.6 HDI.

He checked this was in stock, which it was, and he put everything through on the computer and I left having placed my order.

A couple of days later he phoned me at home to say I couldn’t have the black car because it wasn’t available after all (which was a lie) but I could have the same car in white.

As colour was of no real issue to me I agreed.

Due to this change he asked me to sign a second set of documents on the day of collecting the white car at Bath Road Citroen.

I left with my rented white car (reg RE61 UVA) and thought no more of it.


Thames Valley Housing Association Worker And Motability Car.

Just One Of The Thames Valley “Charitable” Housing Association Workers With One Of The Cars Put Through The Books By Charlie Maltman Using My ID And Personal Details In The Motability And Nationwide Fraud.

I called them in concern and they said ignore it, it was sent in error.

Which I did.

Then I received a letter from Motability saying the V5 document had gone missing for the white car he had rented me (and most oddly at the same time also the V5 documents of my aunts old car) and would have to be looked for.

Then I got two sets of insurance documents indicating most definitely that two cars had gone through the system.

I rang them again and they said it was just the same error, which I was not satisfied with but could do nothing about.

Within weeks I had people trying to run me off the road in the car after the car registration was posted on football thug sites.

Race hate sites.

I had men banging on my door, saying the car I had was theirs.

All sorts of grief due to this mans and others crimes.

This type of harassment is still ongoing…even though I returned the hired Motability car to Bath Road Citroen, over 4 years ago.

When the first annual service was due in November 2012 I was sent no letter or a booking for this.

Again I found this odd…but was more cross because no-one had reminded me and they knew this had to be done because I would not remember myself due to my memory problems.

It was at this point I discussed with a friend about returning the car.

They thought it all very odd with double documents having seen them, and agreed with me.

I called Motability and informed them that I would be returning the hired car 18 months early due to Maltmans fraud, lack of use and the doubled rate of bedroom tax imposed on me and notified them of the date of return being the 22nd April 2013.

I returned the car on 22 April 2013 as arranged but Charlie Maltman was too busy to see me (too embarrassed because of the fraud he committed), despite me waiting in reception for over 45 minutes as I wanted to discuss his crimes.

Eventually I took photos of the return and handed the car over to someone else.

Otherwise the person walking me home, would have had to leave me due to their time limits.

We have since found out that for that 18 months, Charlie Maltman had other people driving the car/s he put through the books around, pretending to be me and they were spending the funds Suki Sury was secretly passing through the account.

I had no knowledge of the money being in the account and the funds and transactions taking place were invisible to me on statements and ATM printouts (I have them all dating back to 2009 when I first became a customer) but were visible to staff on computer screens and me when they turned them around.

While I was locked in my home fitting, stroking and haemorrhaging over floors slowly dying with no medication and no care.

My car was used so little it was returned in immaculate condition and with just 1513 miles on the clock after my 18 months limited use for paying bills and shopping.

I would not of had all this unnecessary stress on top of my illness had I not rented a car from the Motability charity.

I and others are thoroughly disgusted that they would commit crimes like this against ill and disabled customers.

Thames Valley Police “refused” to let me report his crimes and Motability took no action against him either.

Shocking crime.

Then bent officials trying to cover it and prevent action being taken, due to the widespread fraud this crime was part of.

When I tried to discuss this fraud publicly Motability Events blocked me from their Facebook page.

Not for being rude.

Not for being abusive.

Not for printing obscenities.

Not for anything I had done…BUT to hide the truth and crimes they had committed against me from the public/medias attention.

There is nothing worse than despicable, dishonest people trying to hide their crimes.

Nor have they even apologised to me for the trouble they have caused with their ID theft and fraud crimes.

All of which has had an impact on my health and contributed to my current health issues, for which I still have no healthcare.

BEST BIT…Not only did they rob a dying disabled woman on benefits, they robbed a dying disabled woman who had just kindly given them a £25 donation, on top of my car deposit.

Not much to some but I’m on benefits, so to me a donation means I go without something to help others less fortunate.

Motability Donation Image

Just Days After I Gave This Motability Donation Charlie Maltman Committed The Motability Cars Fraud And The Nationwide Fraud Took Place Too.

I also used to give lots of those “£25″ gifts to various charities in the UK so it was spread to cover many causes, instead of just one.

I gave up handing out these donations to anyone in 2011, due to this charities fraud using me and my details and others who used to beg for more when they hadn’t even had courtesy to thank for their first.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Poor service, lack of customer focus and being generally disorganised is one thing. Committing financial fraud on a massive scale against disabled customers is another thing entirely. So, there you have it folks…a charity of crooks who rob the dying and disabled on benefits.

This “disgusting charity” who committed fraud with my case has no reason to ever contact me again.


Clearly, charities ain’t what they used to be (particularly ones linked to insurance and government fraudsters)…and that is a real shame.

 © Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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