Nationwide Building Society Fraud

I first became a customer of Nationwide Building Society in August 2009 and this was the FIRST EVER building society/bank account I had ever had. Between 2006 (when May Dodds, my then Labour Councillor, put in my claim for benefits/care) and 2009 I just had a standard DWP post office account for my fortnightly income support and monthly Disability Living Allowance benefits to be paid into.

In late 2008 early 2009 my doctor had upped my pain relief as pain was increasing and certain other symptoms also worsening (When the fraudsters started their fraud it involved stopping all my personal/private post as well as emails, phone calls etc which meant my vital pain relief and medications could no longer be delivered via post to me. Police were fully aware of this crime and refused to let me report it nor would they address it. Deliberate torture depriving pain relief to a terminally ill woman for four years. Hastening of death and deliberate worsening of symptoms. Every single police officer involved needs sacking and imprisoning for their unlawfulness and crimes) making my all round health not so good.

Due to this, I needed an easier way to get access to my money. A post office account was no longer suitable for me due to the distance involved without driving to cash my money and that the post office opening hours were not always convenient…often leaving me with no money over the weekends as one of my disabilities involves no time span or recollection of days of the week/month/year without calendars/diaries/clocks in front of me to hand.

My daughter took me into the Slough High Street branch of Nationwide Building Society and we opened an account that was easier for me. This enabled me to collect my money from my local shop, a 3 minute walk away and was available to me 24/7 at a cashpoint.

Nationwide Building Society Account Image

The Account Nationwide Building Society Opened For Me In August 2009.

Due to my disabilities, we asked for just a simple pink cash card account with a cheque book. No overdraft. No debit card. No Credit card. No online banking. Nothing. Just the ability to withdraw cash from a cash point as and when needed or write a cheque for other purchases. It was perfect for me.


In spring/summer 2010 (literally just after I returned from my two-week holiday in Fuerteventura) I was contacted by Nationwide Building Society and informed the pink cash cards were no longer able to be used in ATM machines abroad and they changed my account to a blue debit card account just before the end of August 2010.

Immediately the fraud, stalking and abuse began. The fraud began with a man calling himself “Adam Akram” an associate of the sex attackers and fraud gang.

Immediately we called the police. They refused to discuss ALL the crimes in 2010 and the crimes and gang have continued to this very day aided and abetted by the police and other officials involved in all the fraud. IT HAD ALREADY BEEN ARRANGED BY STATE OFFICIALS THAT I WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPORT ANY OF THE CRIMES CARRIED OUT AGAINST ME AND MY RELATIVES PRIOR TO THEM COMMENCING THEIR FOUR/FIVE YEAR REIGN OF SICK CRIMES.

In October 2011 I went into the Nationwide Building Society in Slough High Street to take out a Nationwide Loan. I needed this for home improvements as I needed to make a room suitable for a carer (that everyone refused to pay for) and to get my Motability car as getting from A to B was getting harder for me. I also helped my relative who was in need urgently and they have repaid what they borrowed.

Nationwide Loan Image

This Was The £7,500 Loan That Nationwide Building Society Authorised For Me And A Relative In 2011 And The Account The Monthly Repayments I Would Make Of £176.24 Would Be Paid Into.

When I went to apply for tis loan I met with account manager Suky Suri and she confirmed that someone/or a group had been into Nationwide Building Society but would not confirm who they were. I am NOT allowed to know due to data protection! I can however confirm it was the medical negligence fraudsters/ID thieves.

Nationwide Account Manager Image

Apparently There Are Two Suky Suri’s At Slough High Street Nationwide. It Was The Large Suky Suri Who Dealt With My Accounts Not The Petite One.

Due to the “Adam Akram” fraud, postal thefts, ID theft etc, I felt uneasy having this loan paid into my account and asked Suky Suri to open a fresh account that no fraud had taken place on for the loan to be paid into and the repayments to be taken directly from my first original held account that my DWP/DLA benefits were paid into. I wanted to then leave a small sum of money in this fresh account for my two grandsons to have after my death. Suky Suri opened me the fresh account AND THEN WENT STRAIGHT AHEAD AND PAID THE LOAN INTO THE ACCOUNT SHE’D BEEN TOLD NOT TO INSTEAD OF THE FRESH ONE AND SET UP THE REPAYMENTS TO COME OUT OF THE FRESH ACCOUNT. NO ERROR. ALL DELIBERATE WE NOW KNOW.

Nationwide Building Society Account Image

The Nationwide Building Society Account That Suky Suri Opened For Me In October 2011.

When Suky Suri opened this account, again giving me just a pink cash card only for ATM withdrawals (but no cheque book or anything else) I put all the same restrictions as on the above account in place.

The only people who had this fresh accounts details were myself, Nationwide and Motability.


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